Hyper-Realistic Turtles

     There are miniatures, standard detail, and detailed gourd turtles...and then, there are hyper-realistic turtles. Beyond just sculpting legs and heads onto gourds, these turtles are heavily textured and anatomically accurate. Made with two different clays, one to build the shape and another for the intricate textures, these turtles have had immense attention paid to them. Add handmade acrylic eyes and true-to-life painted colors with matte and gloss sheen, they could (and are) mistaken for the real thing.

     If you want nothing less than the best, hyper-realistic is a must! I thrive on obtaining the utmost detail and I would love to create more. If  you're wanting an "HR" turtle of your own, email me at NobleD9C@aol.com. I will be making more HR turtles on my own or upon commission. If any are available for sale, they will be posted on the "For Sale" page linked on the right.

 Hyper-Realistic Turtle # 1
 Leucistic Alligator Snapping Turtle

Preview of the second and third "HR" turtles

 Hyper-Realistic Turtle #2
Chinese Box Turtle
(also listed as Original #21)

 Hyper-Realistic Turtle #3
Yellow-blotched Sawback
(also listed as C2-2)

 Hyper-Realistic Turtle #4
"George" the Galapagos Tortoise

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