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Want a turtle gourd that's not available? I'd be happy to make one for you. Whether you want this species, another species I've made before, or something totally new (even custom colors), I can make it. Just email me at and tell me what you'd like!

All miniatures are made in sets and each has no dimension over 3" (with the exception of the snapping turtles). Custom orders can be made of any species, a new species, or custom colors. All miniatures have their own unique number code like the larger turtles. Contact me for prices, you get a deal for ordering multiples.

To see individual pictures of miniatures, find them on the species pages.

Hyper-Realistic Miniature Gourd Turtles

Unlike the normal miniature turtles above, these are sculpted with a special clay that allows for smaller, more accurate details. This mainly includes texture and tiny, individual claws. These are much more realistic, but just as tiny! You can custom order one of these as well.
Three-toed box turtle on a cedar root wooden base.
Northern Diamondback Terrapin

Blanding's Turtle

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